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Alumni Posts

Holding On

by Alumni Posts on September 28, 2012

in Career Paths

After Fontbonne, I will be going home to St John’s School of Nursing in Springfield, Illinois. I really hoped that I could stay in St. Louis because I call St. Louis my home now, and I would hate to leave all my friends here, but in reality, it’s better on my pocketbook to go home and complete my major. I have completed my prerequisites here and have taken a few extra fun courses so I can play out my four years of basketball. I have had the time of my life every single day so far this semester. When it comes down to the last year, you don’t let a day slip by without doing something fun. I can’t believe how fast this year is going so fast. I’m holding on to each and every day of the week. This year has been and will continue to be amazing. I hope all of you think the same way.

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