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A Hectic Half of a Week

by Alumni Posts on September 27, 2012

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Yet another week at Fontbonne is halfway over, and this week I am actually excited for it for two reasons:

1. My week was cursed with my suitcase breaking Sunday, taking 30 minutes just to get my lunch Monday, getting absolutely DRENCHED in the rain and leaving my dorm room keys in the door last night. And waking up 30 minutes late every day so far this week! Yikes. Don’t I know by now that I take forever to get ready? Apparently not.

2. On a lighter note, I am trying out for the Griffin Girls Dance Team this Saturday, and am anxiously awaiting for Saturday morning.

It is late Wednesday evening and nothing bad has happened yet, so maybe my dreadful week is coming to a short end.

Today I was reminded on how important family and friends are. My grandfather (Papa) had surgery today. Thankfully, it does not look like colon cancer, but I was still reminded how meaningful family is to me. My sister drove an hour to visit him in the hospital when she could have been studying for a test, and other family members had been with him since 5:30 this morning. After class, my friend and roommate generously drove me to the hospital, and got lost on the way back. Bless her heart. I am so thankful to have the friends and family that I do.

Something good did happen today. I was treated with sushi for dinner tonight, my favorite food! I think I ate too much, but you only live once right?!

Until next week…Thanks for reading

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Erica September 29, 2012 at 12:21 am

I’m excited that you’re trying out for the Griffin Girls Dance Team! 😀

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