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Well, it’s about time to fire up the old Fontbonne blog and get ready for another year of shamelessly plugging the Environmental Club! I’m super pumped about it.

For those who don’t know me, I’m the current president of the Fontbonne University Environmental Club – so I’m pretty big on going green. I’m also a dietetics major (with a passion for organic, unprocessed food), and a runner on the Fontbonne cross country and track teams. Other things I enjoy doing in my spare time (read: summer vacations) are reading, cooking, crafting, and drawing.

I am from the greater St. Louis area, and I love going to school right in the middle of it. I was drawn to Fontbonne because of the dietetics program, but I stayed because of the atmosphere. I love getting involved and making my voice heard, and I do a whole lot of that at Fontbonne! As always, I’m looking forward to a solid year of blogging and repping Fontbonne eco-style!! 🙂

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