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As a senior, this is my first time actually participating in a Dedicated Semester course! I mean, I should have participated more over the years becasue it was at my disposal, but I didn’t. Over the course of four D.S., I went to the events offered and even picked up a few t-shirts, but never took a course specializing in the Dedicated Semester.

Until this year! I am currently in a HES class specifically designed by students for this Dedicated Semester, The College Cookbook or College Guide to Cooking! As far as cooking goes, I “cook” pies, cakes, cookies, and am an expert juice maker; my family can attest to this. I leave the cooking to my mom, sister (on occasion), brother (he helps on occasion), and dad (Bill Miller’s, Luciano’s, Sonic, and various Taqueria’s*). I dont even like making salads, because I feel I cut the lettuce in too small of pieces or too big of pieces. There is a definite science to it and I have yet to master it!

Although I cannot cook, I have sold knives during a summer for an outstanding two weeks. I pretty much gave up when I sliced my finger, with the knives I was trying to sell, during a demonstration. Granted, the demonstration was for my mom, but still, it was pretty pathetic. That, and my salary was not as impressive as sitting in front of the tv watching my favorite movie (which is debatable and cannot be determined by how often I can watch it in a row)

I have now been in my Foodology class for a few weeks, and have made a few things I already knew how to make and a few things I am now pretty proud to say I can make. Now perfected: granola, quesadilla (previously perfected due to living in SATX my whole life), omelette, scrambled eggs (already perfected), pancakes (already perfected), egg-drop soup (NOW PERFECTED, my group had the best looking egg in our egg-drop soup!!), and spring rolls (not perfected at all, but edible!). Unfortunately, my group was unable to cook rice, make cucumber salad, or dipping sauce, so I’ll leave that to my mom or some other favorite asian restaurant of mine!

Hope you enjoyed my cooking successes, next week Ill talk about my sewing class and my sweatshirt endeavor!! It’s pretty rad and its not even fully sewn yet!!


*All these restaurants, excluding Sonic, are San Antonio,TX based. Luciano’s can now be found outside Texas.

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