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Fridays Are for Biotech

by Alumni Posts on September 21, 2012

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As many of you who’ve ready my previous blogs probably know by now, I came to Fontbonne for the biotechnology program.  This program helps to prepare students for life in biotechnology and biological research careers, which is, of course, the profession that I want to enter one day.

It’s my third year at Fontbonne, and I’m happy to say that I’m finally taking some “real” biotechnology courses.  I’m currently taking Biotech I with Dr. Ned Watson and an independent-study Biotech IV course with Dr. Thomasson.  I absolutely love both classes.

Today in Biotech I, we learned sterile techniques.  Essentially, we learned how to properly pipette sterile liquids into sterile reaction tubes.  This is much easier said than done.  It took us a few tries, and I wouldn’t call us pros yet, but I think we got the hang of it pretty quickly.  Then, we plated E. coli using the streak plate method that we learned back in Microbiology (which has been my favorite completed class thus far at Fontbonne).  But unlike in Micro, we were allowed to use the open flame of a Bunsen burner to flame our inoculating loops.   Is that more dangerous?  Potentially.  Is it more fun?  Definitley.

I took Microbiology my freshman year, and labs were always on Friday mornings.  I remember always being so excited to go to school on Fridays because I had Micro lab.  And now, I’m happy to say the same about Biotech I.  Last semester, I had the luxury of only having classes four days a week, which gave me a three-day weekend.  Going to school for classes on Fridays doesn’t necessarily make up for the lack of a three-day weekend, but I’m happy to say that my Fridays are now for Biotech.

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