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Childhood Dreams Have Changed.

by Alumni Posts on September 28, 2012

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“When I grow up, I wanna be famous. I wanna be a star. I wanna be in movies. I wanna see the world, drive nice cars, I wanna have groupies.”- Pussycat Dolls

Every one of us who lives has some type of dream for what he/she wants for him/herself for the future. The Pussycat dolls are living their dream. They are living what they perceive to be their American Dream. They get to show off their fine physique and glossy skin, and beautiful, silky hair to the world. If I was that beautious, I would want to show my goods to the world, as well. But I am not a Pussycat Doll. Although, that doesn’t mean that I cannot dream.

When I was little, I wanted to be everything. I wanted to learn all there is to learn, and gain practice in almost every field… except in the gross, gruesome industries such as meat packaging and sewage cleaning. YUCK!

I actually worked this summer for a farmer who naturally and close-to-organically raises her own pigs to sell as meat. This lady had any pork cut imaginable. What most Westernized humans would not particularly volunteer to eat (pig intestines or pig genitalia) would be made into food for dogs. She said she has customers all over Chicagoland and Indiana who want to buy “everything except the squeal.” Thankfully, I did not ever have to touch the raw meat. All of the produce she had was already packaged and frozen by the time I arrived for my shift at the Division Street Market on the North Side of Chicago.

Now, I am back to reality and in school pursuing a degree. I have changed my major just after completing my freshman year. My most-recent wish for work was to be a Special Education teacher some day. I switched to Psychology after I realized that what I wanted to do most of all is to become a therapist. I am now looking at becoming a school psychologist for children with disabilities. I think that when I go in for my next appointment with my academic advisor she will laugh because I am going to adjust my major again within two months now of my sophomore year.

I feel more confident than I ever was now that I have a specific goal in mind. I will do some searching to see what I could do at Fontbonne to help me accomplish my goal!

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