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Box It Up

by Alumni Posts on September 24, 2012

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Hopefully you saw me and my fellow Environmental Clubbers selling “Griffin Go Boxes” last week. But just in case you didn’t, we’ll be back again on the 24th and 26th in DSAC and Ryan Hall!!

Why the increased publicity for Fontbonne’s favorite reusable takeout item? Because starting October 15th, Fontbonne is completely removing styrofoam from its dining facilities! We will have a more sustainable (but still disposable) to-go container available, but there will be an extra surcharge each time you get one. So why not invest $5 now and have a box you can use over and over again? For those unfamiliar with the Griffin Go Box program, here’s how it works:

-Purchase a Go Box/Go Box Card for a one time fee of $5
-Take your Griffin Go Box card to Ryan Dining Hall or DSAC Griffin Grill
-Exchange your Griffin Go Box card for a Griffin Go Box
-Return the used Griffin Go Box to Ryan or Griffin Grill and exchange it for a card or another box

It’s so easy! As I said, there will be a special sale going on during lunchtime this week, but Go Boxes are always available for purchase during dining hours at Ryan Hall. Get yours soon!

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