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From “Cool – It’s Cryogenic” to “Cool – We’re Back at School”

by Alumni Posts on September 10, 2012

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Hello, everyone, and welcome back to school! For those of you who remember me, I need no introduction. And for those of you who don’t know me, here’s a little background. My name is Courtney, and I’m a junior at Fontbonne. I’m majoring in biotechnology and physiology, and I’m minoring in chemistry and theatre. As usual, my schedule is chock full.  I’m enrolled in (let’s see if I can remember all of my classes!): Developmental Biology, Physics, Advanced Statistics, Biology Seminar, Biotechnology 1 and 4, and Plant Biology.  If I’m not working on one of my classes, I’m probably tutoring anatomy and physiology (which I took last year and absolutely loved), working on new ideas for the Biological Sciences Organization or the Commuter Advisory Board (for which I’m a Co-President and Vice President of Programming, respectively) or hanging out in the greenhouse or labs.

Though summer seems like forever-ago, I feel that it’s appropriate to give a brief description of my summer whereabouts.  As usual, I had a pretty busy summer.  I was lucky enough to go on two trips (one to Orlando and one to Minneapolis), and I saw all of the Muny shows in addition to “Mary Poppins” at the Peabody, “The Lion King” at The Fox, and “Roman Holiday” at the Guthrie (the famous theater in Minneapolis).  In addition to taking philosophy for general education credit, I also had my first professional internship.  I interned at the St. Louis Science Center in the Physical Sciences Gallery.  I was an Amazing Science Demonstrator, which means that I presented science shows for anywhere from ten to over one hundred people at a time.  This internship was absolutely perfect for me because it combined my two passions in life – science and theatre.  Actually, I loved the Science Center so much that I’m still there as a volunteer.  So if you ever want to come see a free, live science demonstration, be sure to stop on by!

Though I’ve been super busy with my classes this year, I’m all excited about this semester.  Most of my friends will be graduating this spring, so I’m trying to make every moment with them count.  There will surely be a lot of stress and questioning myself throughout the course of this semester, but I’m really excited about this semester and this school year in general.  It’ll definitely be one to remember.  And hey, I made it through organic chemistry, so it has to get easier from there, right?!

Here I am at the Science Center, getting ready to present my favorite show, “Cool – It’s Cryogenic”!

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Trebor Jamerson September 18, 2012 at 10:20 am

Hi Courtney! Thanks for representing the Saint Louis Science Center on your blog!!!
You are truly Amazing 🙂

Blessed Wishes,

Courtney September 21, 2012 at 1:54 pm

Most definitely! I think it’s pretty obvious that I absolutely LOVE the Science Center and everyone there. 🙂

I’ll see you next Friday!!

~ Courtney

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