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by Alumni Posts on May 7, 2012

in Academics,Extracurricular

I have seven school days left. I’m having a lot of trouble motivating myself to do anything at this point, especially after the awesome Real Estate concert on Sunday night (I got one of the guys in the band to sign the handwritten set list I stole off the stage!) and the totally epic M83 show last night. At this point, I’m so done with homework and am totally ready to focus on making and eating good food, running, sleeping, and going to more awesome concerts. In other words, my brain is already starting to go into summer break mode.
Unfortunately, though, I have to face reality:

1. Organic Chemistry Final (that will be a monster.)
2. Anatomy Final
3. Two presentations
4. A book to read
5. Four papers to write

Yikes. This final stretch is not going to be fun.

Hang in there everyone, and have an amazing summer break!


“Outro” by M83

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