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The Best Stuff on Earth

by Alumni Posts on April 9, 2012

in Academics

Do any of you remember the Snapple lady who declared that Snapple drinks were made from the best stuff on Earth? Maybe, you guys are all too young but I’m sure there is a YouTube video out there some where with her.

I bring up the slogan of the best stuff on Earth because I feel that way when it comes to all the classes that I’ve taken through Fontbonne. I am constantly learning each semester something new that will help me in a classroom. As challenging as some of my classes have been, I’ve always been able to follow along online with my textbooks, the PowerPoints that are given, journal articles, and the ability to ask my professors questions and get clarification.

I won’t say that all my classes have been my favorite, because I’m naturally more comfortable with courses that require me to use my writing and reading skills. I was an English major the first time around in college, and old habits never die. I know that I have personally used lots of techniques from my educational psychology classes, not only with my students, but with family. And that is a yes to using psych techniques with both my kids and hubby.

I think that the classes that challenge me the most are the ones that deal with math (not a personal favorite or best for me) and science. Over the summer, I had a class that dealt with speech and language development that challenged every fiber of my brain to remember details of the anatomy and why some children and adults have developmental delays. Wow — I never thought I could remember all the parts of the ear. The only thing that I knew was not to stick the Q-tip in your ear… no joke. But I learned not only the parts of the inner ear, but what specifically happens when these parts don’t work. I know that this class kept me on my toes.

The other most challenging class was last fall. It was a class to teach various testing techniques. At one point I was about to admit defeat over simple mean, mode, and median, but between my 17-year-old and 11-year-old helped me to keep going. Thank goodness for my children both excelling in math.

That brings me to another path on my journey at Fontbonne. My kids have helped their mom with learning to make PowerPoints, watching videos and making notes on PowerPoints. I know my son always wants to look through the PowerPoints to “learn something I didn’t know.” Gotta love that spirit.

I hope that you are having a great semester and feel like you are learning some of the best stuff on Earth.

Blessings- Sherry

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