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The Royal Treatment

by Alumni Posts on April 20, 2012

in College Life,Extracurricular,In Saint Louis

Last week, I was hanging out with the Quidditch team (…yes, you read that right. There’s a new Quidditch team on campus, and since I didn’t get in on the action soon enough to be on the team, I’m just a Quidditch groupie now.) and they told me they’d be wearing their new jerseys on Monday to advertise their upcoming match against Webster. I don’t have a Quidditch jersey, but their jerseys look a lot like baseball shirts, with colored sleeves and a logo on the front, and it reminded me of my own Kansas City Royals baseball jersey. So on Monday, I dug my jersey out of the closet and wore it to school.

Look at me on a windowsill with Ryan Hall looming over me. This is how Royals fans roll.

Unbeknownst to me, there’s some real friction between Cardinals fans and Royals fans in Saint Louis. Monday morning, my fellow blogger Courtney caught a glimpse of  me in the library and followed me up the staircase to demand, “Why are you wearing a Royals jersey???” I could feel people giving me looks as I took my seat in my classes. Someone asked me if I’d been disowned by my family yet.  When we were planning for our booth at the upcoming Springfest event at the Math/Computer Science Club, it was agreed that we would all wear Cardinals shirts and I was specifically told not to wear my Royals jersey. When I’d pulled it out of the closet that morning, I’d had no idea people would be so irritated by it. I can only imagine what happens to people who wear Cubs shirts to class!

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