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Hello everyone,
Did you know RHA (Residence Hall Association) collects pop tabs?!?! Pop tabs are those little metal tabs you find on aluminum cans! You can call them pop tabs, soda tabs, or just plain tabs. Either way they are needed! WHY?! RHA collects them year round for the Ronald McDonald Foundation, which is an organization that builds “homes- away- home” for families traveling to stay near their children who are hospitalized. Pop tabs, or tab tops are a cheap and easy way to help! Go to to learn more! It is a good cause, but if that is not a good enough reason then you should know that for RHA it in a competition. Fontbonne’s RHA is in a competition with other school’s RHAs to see who can collect the most pop tabs. The winner will be victorious!!! RHA goes to a residence hall conference, MACURH, every year, and that is where the pop tabs go and the winning school is announced. The cool thing about all of this is when you turn in your pop tabs you immediately look for more for next year!! This past MACURH, Fontbonne was the champion of pop tab collecting!!! So grab a bag, search through recycle bins, and COLLECT those POP TABS!!!! Please sanitize. We do not want unwanted germs! When you have too many to count just drop them off at the RHA headquarters, which can be found at the end of the hall on the first floor of St. Joe! It’s quick and easy and helps the world!

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