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Reckless and Relentless

by Alumni Posts on April 16, 2012

in College Life,In Saint Louis

If someone had told me last Friday night that I would be running in the Go! St. Louis Marathon on Sunday, I would have had a hearty chortle and dismissed the idea as preposterous. Why, I’ve just finished a track meet! I’m not even registered to run on Sunday! Sure, it sounds like a good time and all, but really the idea is simply ludicrous!

However, Saturday night came around and I got a phone call from my friend Kathy. She was supposed to run the marathon relay with three of her sorority sisters, but now only one would be able to make it. Would I be able to fill in a position?

So, I found myself rather recklessly deciding at approximately 10pm that night to run the 3rd and 4th legs of a marathon relay the next day at 7am. A little impulsive, perhaps, but that’s not important.

Anyway, the way a marathon relay works is that (ideally) 4 people commit to running a segment of the 26.2 mile race, and their individual times are added together for the “marathon” time. In this case, the segments were 6, 7.2, 7, and 6 miles.

So, long story short, I ended up running the last half of the marathon this Sunday, and it was nothing short of spectacular. The volunteers and even the random strangers were friendly and encouraging, and I got to run through some places I had never run through before (the highway, for instance). I saw a handful of Fontbonne students, too! Overall, I was very happy that I got the chance to run through the beautiful city of St. Louis and help out a friend to boot. Plus, I got a nifty medal. Can’t go wrong with that!

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