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Pile Up

by Alumni Posts on April 19, 2012

in Academics,College Life

The end of the semester is nearing. I am pretty sure my teachers have collaborated against me. It is the end of the year crunch. Projects, tests, papers, homework! When will it end! My advice for you is that no matter how many things pile up, you still need to take time for yourself. It doesn’t matter if it is twenty minutes or two hours, everyone still needs that personal time. Without that, you will go crazy! It is a lot easier to take some time to relax, figure out how you are going to deal with everything and get it done! Personally, this method seems to work best for me. It is better to organize your thoughts and hold out until the end. After that, it is 3 months of freedom!

So go ahead, listen to some country music (yes country music haters, it really is relaxing), and survive 🙂

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