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by Alumni Posts on April 2, 2012

in Extracurricular

Hello Everyone,

I hope spring is integrating nicely into your lives. I know that during my break, I was mostly working, but I did get to see the MIDNIGHT showing of the HUNGER GAMES!! So, today will be a kind of movie review. For those of you who do not know of the Hunger Games, SHAME!! Really, though, the Hunger Games is one of three books about a post-apocalyptic society completely controlled by the government system known as the Capitol. Twelve districts reside in this society, there were 13, but 13 revolted and then the Capitol just blew them up as an example. The main story line is that every year, one male and one female from every district between the ages of 12-18 MUST participate in what is known as the Hunger Games. Each year from 12 on, your name is added to the drawing for your district. Most of the districts are in extreme poverty so to compensate, people can put their names in more than once to receive food for their families. Now what is the Hunger Games you ask?! Well, it is a fight to the death. 24 kids are thrown into an arena and only ONE can win. In Hunger Games, Katniss, the main character from district 12, sparks a reaction when she volunteers to compete in order to save her younger sister. Her actions start the motion for an underlying revolt that takes place over the span of the three novels. Also, within, is a triangle romance between Katniss, Peeta (the male chosen for district 12), and Katniss’ male companion Gale. Now that was just a book summary… the movie… was surprisingly GOOD! I do have some qualms about parts of the book not being represented well, but that was bound to happen, and you can’t make everyone happy.

The acting was really good and the different effects in the movie, while skimpy at some points, did a good job to show a futuristic nation. The only thing that really bugged me was the constant shaking of the camera. If you get motion sickness extremely easily, then beware. You kind of forget about it because it is such a fast-paced movie, but the jumping around and continuous moving around the particular scenes does not give me enough time to appreciate what I am looking at. I would HIGHLY recommend reading the books beforehand because some scenes would make much more sense, but also because they are fantastic books. READING is GOOD for YOU!!! That is all for the moment.


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