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Here We Go Again…

by Alumni Posts on April 6, 2012

in Academics

This morning, after waking up at 6:30 instead of at 5:30 like usual due to our Holy Thursday day off school, I looked at my planner.  I flipped the page to next week, and I saw it: “Advising Week.  Make sure you schedule an appointment with your advisor!”

I’ve never actually met with my advisor during advising week.  That sounds really bad, but it’s true.  You see, I have this problem where I get mixed up with dates.  Because I’m always looking ahead, I sometimes think that things are supposed to be done earlier than they actually are.  So, for me, “Monday the 9th” eventually becomes “Monday” in my head.  Then I just begin thinking, “Oh, this is due on Monday.  I’d better get it done!”  And whatever needed to be done by “Monday the 9th” is done three weeks in advance.  I guess it’s a good thing that I get things done early, but then again, that explains why my advsior always laughs when I come to her office three weeks before advising week asking for her personal John Hancock.

But this Monday, I will be meeting with my advisor, Dr. Paine-Saunders, at 11.  We already sort of talked about my schedule, but there’s just one independent study course that we’re still trying to figure out.  In the fall, I’m hoping to take physics, advanced statistics, developmental biology, plant biology, biology seminar, biotechnology I, and some sort of research.  We’ll see how that goes…

After advising week comes registration.  That word makes me cringe.  If you’ve ever read any of my past blogs, you’ll know that registration and I don’t get along.  Usually, something goes wrong.  My computer decides to freeze up on me, or I forgot to get a special signature on one of the documents before attempting to register, or my friend’s computer freezes, or my friend’s internet-enabled phone freezes, or I forget my login password…In short, registration and I don’t tend to mix.  But hey, this will be my fifth time registering, so I should know what I’m doing by now, right?!

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