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A Fish Tale

by Alumni Posts on April 22, 2012

in College Life,Extracurricular

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to take a moment of silence for Clark Kent, the beta fish. This is supposed to be a photo journal about college life, and I believe this pertains to someone somewhere in college. When you are in college, pets with fur are usually not allowed. Fish are acceptable because they do not leave a mess and stay in one spot, swimming around. I was one of the few who had one such fish, but due to my naiveté he did not last long. I do not normally even like fish because they are boring, but this beta fish I got on an adventure with a colleague settled in my heart. Beta fish are beautiful creatures. They are tiny and have flowing fins in a variety of colors. His demise came swift. Some of you might laugh, others might feel my pain, and still others might ponder on how stupid a person can be. I got a new fish bowl for Clark Kent. Granted it was a glass flower vase, but it resembled a fish bowl and looked nicer than the pickle jar I was contemplating. I was in the bathroom getting everything ready for Clark Kent. He was floating around probably thinking about nothing. My first mistake was not having a net to get him out. My second mistake was thinking I had the reflexes to get him from one bowl to another without disaster striking. If you haven’t gathered what happened, then let us quit beating around the bush. I was pouring out the water Clark Kent was in and I tried to catch him as he fell out. I was over the sink and he slipped right through my fingers into the dark abyss that is Fontbonne’s plumbing system. I didn’t even have time to react. He was gone and I was devastated. Do not worry though! Fish come and go. And everyone knows all plumbing leads back to the ocean (at least that is what I keep telling myself!). So the moral of the story is to get a NET!! DO NOT try to be a ninja and grab the fish. That is the end of my troubling tail.

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