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Final Weeks at Fontbonne

by Alumni Posts on April 30, 2012

in Campus Community,Organizations, Activities & Events

The warm weather of the last few days has been a reminder that summer is almost here, and that my first year here at Fontbonne is almost over. There has been a lot of end of the year activities the last few days at Fontbonne. Today, of course, is Denim Day, a day dedicated to promoting the awareness of sexual violence. SHESA sold crafts made out of denim for a few hours today, and I helped promote awareness by assisting. The Animal Protection Agency of Missouri came to Fontbonne today, and brought with them kittens and dogs to help de-stress students before finals. I paid special attention to the kittens this afternoon, and it took all that I had not to take one of them home with me. I am the proud mother of two year-old kittens and a twelve-year-old cat! One more kitten couldn’t have hurt, right?

This year is almost over, but I am still looking forward to my second year at Fontbonne. I look forward to doing exactly what I did today, getting involved! Next year I plan on joining more student organizations, the dance team, and attending events Fontbonne holds every single week here at college. I do slightly regret not getting involved enough this year, but plan on making up for it the next! As a fashion merchandising major, I am excited to get my foot further into the door of St. Louis fashion by attending more events and volunteering. One event I am really anticipating is going to New York City with the other fashion merchandising majors next spring. I have never been before, and if it all works out, am planning to go.

Although I do not for sure know what the next year holds for me, I know I will not miss out on any opportunities. Do it while you’re young, right?

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