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Fall Plans

by Alumni Posts on April 26, 2012

in College Life,Faith

I have been praying lately about the types of changes that I need to make and asking for God’s direction as to what I need to do in my life. The one thing that remains steadfast in His direction is my continues studies at Fontbonne. I am blessed with being a Pathways student which has given me the ability to make my own schedule and work on things when I have the time.

I am facing a new challenge of getting four classes done that are general education requirements. I am new to financial aid and learned that I could not get the aid for these classes at the local community college that I need. I am praying and working hard to try to figure out a way to get these classes done so I can earn my degree through Fontbonne.

This fall will be bittersweet for me as a mom because my daughter, Emily, will be a senior in high school. I am constantly reminded that she is growing up and that she will soon be pursuing her own path.

I pray that all of you continue on the path that God has intended for you. Whether that path leads to amazing adventures or bittersweet times I’m sure that you will make it through with God’s love, care, and wonderful mercy.



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