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Go Ahead – Choose ‘Rolling Hills’ Mode

by Alumni Posts on April 16, 2012

in Campus Community,Extracurricular

A lot had happened, dear reader, since the last time I blogged.  (I apologize if you’ve been waiting with baited breath to see what will happen  in the next chapter of my ever-exciting life.)  This week was Diversity Week on campus, and to celebrate, I tried something new:  using the weight room in the Dunham Student Activity Center!

Contrary to its name, there’s actually a lot more stuff inside the weight room than just weights – it’s got exercise bikes, treadmills, a yoga ball, and an elliptical machine for students and faculty to use.  I’m training to ride my bike from Saint Louis to Columbia, MO this summer, so in addition to weekend riding, I’ve been hitting the exercise bike at school, getting there at 7:45 three days a week.

Here’s my reaction to the weight room:  at 7:45, it’s really, really nice and quiet.  Sometimes there are people there, sometimes not.  Either way, it’s an enjoyable experience.  I plug in my headphones so I can listen to music, and sometimes the morning news is on the tv, so I can read the captions (actually, when that happens, and I’m watching tv while listening to music, I feel a little over-technologized and I just pick one to focus on.)

At first, it was a little difficult to figure out how to work the menu on the bike.  I sat down on the seat and poked at the buttons, and nothing happened!  Then, I got off the bike and looked around for a switch I’d maybe forgotten to press, but I couldn’t find anything!  So then, I thought, “Well, I’m sure the bike works with or without the mile-counter, so I might as well start pedaling.”  So, I got back up on the bike, slid my feet under the pedal straps, and pressed my foot down to begin pedaling.  Guess what?  The menu came on with a loud beep, asking me for my age!  After I filled out all the preliminary user info, I chose to bike in “Rolling Hills Mode.”  I didn’t notice much of a tension difference until I made it to the top of the hill on the bike’s display.  It was pretty cool.

I’m glad I have the chance to bike in the mornings now – it’s a really nice start to my day.  If you haven’t been to the weight room, you should definitely check it out!

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