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Hello Everyone,

So this week I just wanted to point out how bipolar St. Louis weather is. Just the other day, it was pouring down rain and in the high 30s. NOW, it is 80 degrees, windy, sunny, humid, and everything else that comes with spring. The problem is… it ISN’T spring!!! By the time most of you read this it will most likely be thunder storming or a blizzard will be happening. Who knows!!! The point is, when you come to St. Louis, be prepared for anything. I, personally, do not bother separating my clothes for the seasons because St. Louis can have all four in one day! Don’t worry, though, it is not as bad as you think. You just keep moving forward without a care in the world. What is the craziest weather you’ve had in your life? It can be as tragic as a tornado or as beautiful as a spring day in the middle of winter. The worst weather I have been through was during a float trip on the Meramec. I was probably 9 or 10 and we decided to do the 10 mile float instead of the 6. Much to our regret, not even halfway through, the BIGGEST thunder storm fell right on top of us. It seemed like it came out of nowhere! The water was turning us every which way, I was freezing, and it took all of us to get to the check point and back to camp. I love thunder storms as much as the next person, but I didn’t want to be floating in one! On a brighter note, probably the best weather would be today. Everyone at Fontbonne takes advantage of the incredible weather. You can find a huge gathering in the meadow of people playing soccer, lacrosse, football, Frisbee, or just sitting around on the patio. Fontbonne’s atmosphere was a mixture of elation and anxiety for spring break to start. Luckily that is the end of this week! So enjoy the weather while you can and be prepared for the least expected! That weather app isn’t always right!!!


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