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Send Your Dreams Where Nobody Hides.

by Alumni Posts on March 14, 2012

in Academics

It’s almost here. I can almost taste the sweetness of spring break. Unfortunately, though, I have a massive list titled, “Fun Stuff to Do” tacked up on my wall, staring back at me and daring me to even utter the phrase, “Spring break.”

*Big Sigh.*

Today one of my professors announced that after spring break, the school year is pretty much over. And that gave me major hope, as this has been arguably the most stressful school year ever for me. Sure, it’s brought about a lot of self-discovery, but I’ll save that for another post and instead stick with simply stating that I’m ready for this year to be over so I can have more time to dedicate to my favorite activities. And the weather is already stimulating the lazy centers in my brain; who wants to study and tackle the fun list when people are outside your window blaring (annoying) pop music while throwing Frisbees around, or when you’re wearing shorts to class again? Not I. So I think I shall comprise a list of reasons why I should get back to the aforementioned list, as I will be better off in the long run if I tackle it now as opposed to waiting till next week to do so.

A List of Reasons Why I Should Accomplish Everything On My To-Do List Now as Opposed to Waiting Until Next Week:

  1. Because when I’m at home, I never feel like doing anything. And if home equals laziness, then I’ll be experiencing laziness all week. Which means I will essentially get nothing done. Which means I should get it done now to save me a lot of anxiety and stress the week I get back from break. That’s the only reason I need!

So, back to work for me. It’s going to be a late night, but I haven’t really been sleeping well anyway. But as far as I’m concerned, I’ll have a whole week of sleeping in my real room at home. And that makes staying up late this week totally worth it in the end!

Hang in there everyone!


“Wait” by M83 (this song makes me veeerrry sleeeepy…One of my favorites of sophomore year, no doubt. I can’t wait until May 2nd.)

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