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Meet Me At The Muny!

by Alumni Posts on March 6, 2012

in In Saint Louis

One of my favorite things about St. Louis would have to be The Muny. Whether you have a seat up front or you are in the free seats (Yes, FREE!) you will always have a good time. The Muny is an outdoor theater located in Forest Park. Forest Park itself is full of so many fun things to do. There is the St. Louis Zoo, which is also free. It also includes the Boat House, Carousel, History Museum, Art Museum, and as I said before, The Muny! The Muny puts on shows during the summer. There is a new one every week. Some of last summer’s shows included The Little Mermaid, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, and Titanic. Last summer, I only got to see Seven Brides For Seven Brothers and Titanic. I sat in the free seats for both of these shows, and I enjoyed every minute of it. My friends and I made a day of it at Forest Park; we went to the zoo, had a picnic, and then went to see a show at The Muny! Going to The Muny has always been a family tradition. My mom used to get season tickets for her birthday, and it has always had a special place in my heart since then.

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