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The Long Wait

by Alumni Posts on March 9, 2012

in Academics,College Life

I just took my dog for about an hour-long walk in this morning’s beautiful, sunny weather.  The slight breeze felt cool as it hit my face, but my brisk pace kept me from feeling cold.  I thought about all of the things I could do today in this magnificent weather – go to the zoo, go to the botanical gardens, go to the park – but then reality hit as I reentered my house and realized that I have to study for an anatomy test, a kinesiology test, a kinesiology practical, and a genetics test.

Ah, yes, you guessed it – we have one more week until spring break.  We have officially started the long wait until that short-but-sweet week of freedom.  Do I have plans for spring break?  Of course!  I have my second organic chem II test of the semester to study for.  But, as I told my friend and fellow blogger Carly last night in orgo lab, “I just plan on studying in the middle of the afternoon.  You know, when it’s too late to go out in the day but when it’s too early to go out at night.”  She kind of looked at me strangely (not that that’s anything new), but I think that the middle of the afternoon is the perfect time to study.

So if you have loads of tests and midterms to study for, good luck.  I’ll be pulling for you.  And if you get tired and want (or, more precisely, NEED) to procrastinate, check out the newly-revamped biology page on Fontbonne’s website.  You may just see me going about my daily business in the labs and talking about why you should join the most awesome people on campus.

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