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How I Ended Up a Speech Language Pathology Major

by Alumni Posts on March 22, 2012

in Academics,Career Paths,New & Future Students

I want to first begin this blog by saying that this post is long overdue. It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged on here…busy schedules and the hustle and bustle of college life can take over. However, it’s nice to be blogging again. It also helps that Spring Break has already begun!

Now, to explain how I ended up where I am today in my studies…

If you’d like to know how I ended up at Fontbonne University, feel free to read my past blog post on my personal story here:

As far as how I ended up choosing Speech Language Pathology as my major is a slightly different story. (You can learn more about the major here: It all started in high school, during that period of time where I was being pressured to start having my future plans all mapped out. Trust me; my path to “Speech Path.” was not as straightforward as one might think. I contemplated all sorts of careers/majors. At the beginning of high school, I had wanted to major in Engineering, but that quickly changed after a year or so. Then, for the longest time, I had my heart set on working in Music Business/Communications, but later reconsidered that decision. If anything, I knew that I wanted my future career to be involved with a good cause and that my career would positively impact society/the world as a whole. Non-Profit Organizational work or Environmental Studies were also on my radar.  Speech Language Pathology didn’t come in until my Junior/Senior year in high school, when I was on the Willowbrook High School Speech Team. Little did I know that this decision would affect my entire decision on a major.

Now, I should probably give a shout-out to my Dad, who had A LOT to do with my major decision. Since I had been so involved with Speech Team, my Dad thought it would be a good idea for me to look into “Speech” Language Pathology as a career. I had been absolutely AGAINST going into Speech Language Pathology, since that was what my Dad wanted for me and not what I actually wanted. However, looking at things from a realistic perspective, Speech Language Pathology made sense, because it’s a field that is fairly high in demand and the job security is supposed to be good. Plus, if I wanted to work in a school setting, I’d be able to have something similar to a teacher’s schedule; there were even various other settings I could be in as well. Therefore, it was difficult for me to argue against it, since a stable job is important to me.

Of course, since I’m currently a Junior at Fontbonne now and looking into Graduate Schools/My Post-Undergraduate Plans, it’s normal to doubt myself in making the right decision. I’m really looking forward to doing Pre-Clinic next semester to get a taste of what being a Speech Language Pathologist is like, since classes and schoolwork can sometimes make me dread the major (I’m the kind of person who likes to be out in the world doing proactive things and not just sitting in a classroom). However, the great thing about Fontbonne is that there is an on-campus Speech Language and Hearing Clinic where Students are able to do observations and work in the clinic. AND there is both an Undergraduate Program and a Graduate Program for Speech Pathology here (a Graduate degree in Speech Pathology is needed in order to be a practicing/licensed Speech Pathologist).

At this current point, I’m looking into Audiology for Graduate school, which is related to Speech Pathology, but I’m still open to getting my Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology as well (it’s one of those ongoing stories/debates with myself that I’d rather not get into right now). However, only time will tell.

Peace, Love, and Spring Break!

I’ll leave you with a picture of people playing in the Medaille Meadow during one of the Fontbonne Spring Events…

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