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Fontbonne University

Back from Break

by Fontbonne University on March 28, 2012

in In Saint Louis

Well, it’s nice to be back on campus after a long week. What did I do over the break? One word: work.

I know, it’s not exciting to hear that someone only worked over the whole week off, but that’s just that. But I did have a few nice nights.

Sunday, March 18 was my boyfriend and his sister’s birthdays, so that’s big news. He’s 18 and she’s 21. Awesome! I was working that day, but then my sister and I went to eat at Cafe Mochi, located on S. Grand. The food was absolutely delicious! We actually saw my boyfriend’s sister there with her friend. We also saw Sophia Tran, one of the students at Fontbonne! Afterwards, my sister and I stopped by my boyfriend’s house just to spend time with him on his day. No party or anything though 😛

Most of the week is just work, work, work. All day, from 10am – 7:30PM or later. On Thursday night, March 22, I visited my boyfriend again. On Friday, March 23, my sister and I went to another place to eat! Yes, we are big food-lovers 🙂 This time we went to Thai Country Cafe, located in the Delmar Loop. Great food as well! And we bumped into Sun Pruksacholavit, another Fontbonne student 😀 Ahh, how amazing.

Finally: Sunday, March 25, my sister and I did some driving around after work. First, we picked up our younger sister from our dad’s house. From there, we went all the way back into the city and bought new sandals for ourselves and our baby brother. We bought socks, too, even though it’s the warm weather now. Haha! When we got home, our aunt, her boyfriend, and her youngest son were hanging out in the backyard with our mom and stepdad (mom’s boyfriend), eating some BBQ chicken! We definitely got some of that in our bellies.

So that’s my spring break news. I hope everyone else had even better vacations than me. Enjoy the beautiful weather! 🙂

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