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The Birds on the Bat and Busch Stadium

by Alumni Posts on March 1, 2012

in In Saint Louis

One of the many perks of going to college at Fontbonne is that it is located in St. Louis. St. Louis is a city full of life and places to go. The reason why being in St. Louis is so exciting for me is because it is the town of the St. Louis Cardinals! I am a huge, dedicated fan of the Cardinals and going to Busch Stadium to see them play is one of my favorite things to do in the city. Busch Stadium is one of my favorite places. I love not only the baseball, but the atmosphere the stadium offers. The exterior of Busch Stadium itself is a masterpiece, but the inside offers so much more. Going to a game and being around all the fans is an exhilarating experience. Get yourself a hot dog, bratwurst, or platter of nachos and you’re set to go! Surrounded by fans all in Cardinal red, it’s easy to have a good time. The Cardinals and Busch Stadium offer entertainment found no where else in St. Louis. Attending a Cardinals game with friends is a great way to spend any evening during baseball season, and one of my favorite things to do!

While it is not currently baseball season, you can still get your fix of the St.Louis Cardinals online. I am a big fan of the Cardinals and follow them daily so I thought I would use a little space of this blog to give all you readers an update:

The team is currently at Spring Training in Jupiter, Florida gearing up for the next season. Manager Mike Matheny seems to be a good fit for this year’s team, taking his time to get to know the Cardinal players he hasn’t played with before. Although he may be young for a manager, I think that Matheny is going to go great managing this season. He is authoritative while being friendly at the same time. Carlos Beltran arrived last week, and looks pretty darn good in the Cardinal uniform. He has chosen the number 3 for this season, allowing Rafael Furcal to keep Beltran’s old number 15. It will be interesting to see who plays most at second this season. Tyler Greene, Skip Schumaker, and a few other minor league players are competing for the spot. There is talk of the team extending Yadier Molina’s contract that expires at the end of this season. They have reported reached a deal worth about 75 million over five years. I sincerely hope we can keep Yadi for years to come. Hometown MVP David Freese is getting a little bit of a break from third, allowing for his ankles to rest. A Cardinal player that I love to watch every game is Lance Berkman, who believes that this season’s team has what is takes to go to the playoffs for some October baseball. So do I Lance, so do I!

When it gets to be baseball season once again, you can bet you’ll find me in front of the television watching the game, but I would rather be at Busch Stadium (my favorite place in St.Louis) seeing it right before my eyes. Go Cards!

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