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Thoughts for the Week

by Alumni Posts on February 13, 2012

in Academics,In Saint Louis

Hello all–Happy Friday! The good thing about being in a challenging, fast-paced program is that the weeks fly by! This weekend is going to be particularly awesome in my household come Sunday evening—it’s the Oscars! My roommate and I are both movie buffs so we’re scrambling to watch all of the Best Pic nominees before the big day. I’m not a huge Woody Allen fan, but so far Midnight in Paris has been my favorite. We’ll see! (Although… I’m bad luck lately. I was rooting for the Pats last week. So… sorry if I just doomed you, Woody.)

For as much as I love having the opportunity to spread my wings and live independently in St. Louis while my loved ones are home in Maine, it can also be really hard sometimes. Something that does not make things easier is the hour time change. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but my mom always forgets and texts me when she gets up in the morning, because at home we get up around the same time. I’m the twenty-first century girl who sleeps with her cell phone by her head, so when I occasionally forget to turn the sound off… I get a five or six AM wake up call. Or then there’s the flip side, when I go to Skype my boyfriend back home in Maine before bed. If I’m getting into bed around 10:30 or so, it’s 11:30 his time, and he’s wiped. It’s crazy how one little hour can mess with sleep schedules and daily routines so much!

It’s all about adapting though, because this transition is SO worth it. I love my life here in the Lou! I love being independent, I love being in a new place, I love that I’ve made a smart career choice, and I love making new friends with similar interests. I had job offers last year and I had other graduate programs that I was looking at… but coming to Fontbonne ended up being a no brainer. For anybody out there who is reading this and is contemplating the SLP graduate program… it’s a really, really well-rounded program where you will learn the ins and the outs of being a great clinician. And, added bonus, there is funding available for people interested in committing to specific areas of professional development such as deafness, AAC, becoming a graduate assistant, or working in the developmental language group. I’m a deaf emphasis scholar, which is an awesome opportunity — especially in St. Louis. There are lots of renowned schools for the deaf here, and I can’t wait to experience one or two out on my practicum rotations in the coming year.

Okay, I’m off! Happy weekending ☺

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