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Team Bio Majors

by Alumni Posts on February 10, 2012

in Academics,Campus Community

This week has been a crazy week for biology majors, and it will only get crazier as we head in to next week. I had my first genetics test yesterday; I’m thinking (and hoping!) that it went relatively well. And next week, we have tests in anatomy/physiology 2, kinesiology, and organic chemistry 2.

How do we get through it all? We study, and we work together, which brings up a great point I’d like to make about the biology department at Fontbonne. The bio department is definitely close knit. I’m in class with my friends. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and our professors understand how each of our personal interests differs from everyone else’s. Tomorrow, for instance, a lot of us are going to attend the SOLD leadership conference that’s being held at Maryville University. Afterward, we are all going to grab some soda and snacks and head over to Fontbonne’s library for an organic chemistry study session.  I love the bio department because I feel like we’re all on the same team, “Team Bio Majors,” if you will, working together in order to understand some pretty complex topics and eventually transform our world.

So am I busy?  Definitely.  Are there times that I wish I could have a break?  You betcha.  But, as Dr. Homsi, our former lab technican, constantly told me, “Being busy is a good thing.  You need to keep yourself busy.”  And when I think about it, there’s nothing else that I’d rather be doing.

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