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Searching the World for What’s Right Here.

by Alumni Posts on February 13, 2012

in Extracurricular

So. My last blog was apparently quite entertaining to read. So entertaining, in fact, that it was a recommended read for my chemistry professor, who somehow managed to find it online (Embarrassing…? Or slightly creepy because he obviously Googled me?). So, if you understand lame, albeit funny, science jokes, then yes, I will agree with the statement that that was probably the best blog I’ve ever written. If you don’t understand those jokes, well, then, you probably thought my last blog was no different than the rest. Anyway, what I’m getting at here is that my blog this week will probably not live up to the hype of last week’s, simply because I think I may have fractured my humerus last week with all of that funny business and figured it was in my best interest to give it a rest this week (Sorry! I couldn’t resist that one! I’ll shut up now!).

This weekend I’ve come to a harsh realization: my résumé is seriously lacking. Meaning, yeah, I have a great GPA and am starting to have this weird fondness for studying. But that good GPA and the fact that I like to study aren’t going to make me stand out when I apply for my next four years of schooling when I graduate. As much as I hate to admit it, I need to find a way to get more involved.

I suppose that’s why this morning I found myself procrastinating on going for my run (insisting that a wind chill of seven was too chilly. Baloney!) and baking cookies for the SHESA bake sale instead. Or maybe I found myself baking cookies for SHESA because I have to attend meetings, as required by one of my classes. Either way, the fact that I’m only being involved in this club simply because it’s required of me by a professor is not a good sign. I need to get involved! Maybe not just with SHESA, per se, but in other things that relate to what I want to do as well.

This realization came about late Saturday night as I was listening to the wonderfully talented Andrew Bird and working on a draft of my résumé, an assignment for the same aforementioned class that I attend SHESA meetings for. There were a couple of things I could’ve added to the draft to make it seem fuller, but those activities were tasks I had randomly taken on in a spirit of, “Oh! There’s a flyer for something that looks slightly interesting! I need to get involved! What the heck, right?” that I experienced freshman year. In my wiser state of mind this year, however, I have learned to avoid getting involved with something simply because a.) I “need” to get involved and b.) I was intrigued by a flyer promoting the organization. If I was still as naïve as my little freshman self, letting flyers around campus persuade me into joining random organizations and activities that I have no interest in whatsoever, you might find me running around a field this spring with a lacrosse stick, as I found the poster in Medaille promoting the girls’ lacrosse team to be quite fascinating. In other words, the situation would not be pretty. Sure, my résumé would be jam-packed. But if I resorted to this method of finding ways to get involved, who knows? I may come out with more than a fractured humerus in the end.

And quite frankly, who wants that?

So. The point of my ramble is this: get involved, but don’t get involved with things that you don’t really care about simply for the sake of being involved, as I did freshman year. I came to the conclusion, just now, that maybe it’s not how much you have on your résumé, but what you have on it. I’d rather have a few activities listed that I can talk knowledgably and passionately about, rather than a ton of stuff that I have no words for.

So with that idea in mind, I’ll be attending my second BSO meeting tomorrow afternoon. At least I know my lame science jokes will be welcome there. If not, I suppose I can always make like some hydrogen atoms on an NMR and split.

Have a wonderfully wonderful week!


P.S. Since I’m pretty much in love with Jamie xx’s (from the band the xx…duh.) music, this week’s song is “Islands” by the xx. Super cool video.

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