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Hi everyone! This is my second semester at Fontbonne University, and I’m happy to be sharing with you some of the things that go on in the mind of a student here. I’m a non-traditional student (my first crack at college was back in ’92) studying Deaf Education. I chose Fontbonne because it’s right here in my home town and is one of only 79 (last time I checked) undergraduate programs offered in that major. My first experience was at a transfer open house just last March. I was taken away by how homey it felt and how helpful and informative everything was. I have not been disappointed. My first semester was an eye opener, yes, but it has been so worth it.

I will be honest in saying that since I am a mom, I haven’t made it a priority to get involved with many extracurricular activities, but there’s always something to do if you have the time and the interest. I’m getting more integrated into the “community” aspect as time goes on. I’ve started using the weight room and the track and have seen more of DSAC in these first few weeks of spring semester than I did the entire Fall semester, and I’ve even watched portions of both men’s and women’s basketball games.

So that’s how my story at Fontbonne begins…..there’s still lots to be told!

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