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Hi all,

This past weekend, I attended a great conference put on by Maryville University and Fontbonne called the Summit on Leadership Development.  It was open to any school within “drivable distance” according to the keynote speaker, Tracy Knofla, a leadership trainer, and that meant there were students from as close-by as Saint Louis University and as far away as McKendree University (in Illinois) and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (I’ll let you guess where that one’s located).

Honestly, when I signed up for the conference, I did not think it would be very fun.  I’ve been to so many “Be a leader!”-type motivational presentations that I figured there really can’t be that much more to learn.  I was right in this prediction in the sense that I didn’t come out hearing anything new about the qualities good leaders have, how to be one, etc.  However, it was really beneficial for me to hear from the presenters about topics like how to better market events and how to use the available resources to their fullest.  At the conference, I was also able to interact with group leaders from other schools. Trading ideas with them, comparing club activities, and commiserating about the relationship between free food and meeting attendance got me excited about doing new things with the groups I’m in, namely the Commuter Advisory Board.

I’m really glad I attended SOLD this year, and I’m already excited about next year – it’s going to be hosted by Fontbonne!

Talk to you later,


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