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Goggle Face

by Alumni Posts on February 3, 2012

in Academics

Last night, as we were waiting 45 minutes for our Grignard reactions to take place during organic chemistry, my friend and fellow blogger, Carly, and I came up with a new term: goggle face.

This term may strike you as very strange. And, yes, it is. But I think that every science student out there knows exactly what we’re referring to when we say “goggle face.” Whenever we wear the large, plastic, greenish-tinted goggles that are required for organic chemistry, we end up with red streaks on our faces that show the exact outline of where the goggles had been for the past 4 hours.

Some people may be embarrassed to leave the lab with goggle face. However, after a chat, Carly and I decided that we’re proud of our goggle faces. It’s something that should be embraced by all chemistry students. Those lines show where you’ve been and how much smarter (or more confused) you’ve recently become.

So be proud of your goggle face, and let those lines prevail!


Okay, so you can’t really see the goggle face in this picture.  Go ahead and blame the resolution of my six-year-old camera.  But at least you can see how much fun we had in lab!! 🙂

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