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Friday at the St. Louis Art Museum

by Alumni Posts on February 27, 2012

in In Saint Louis

One of the greatest things about St. Louis, in my opinion, is the St. Louis Art Museum (SLAM). The museum is free to the public and hosts a great collection of paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, and sculptures. I go there quite a bit since it is located in Forest Park which is right by Fontbonne!

Earlier this week, my Oil Painting Techniques class went to the museum and met an art conservationist. He took our class into an underground secure area where artwork restorations are done. It was so fascinating! We learned about how he strips the varnish off of old paintings, repairs them, cleans them, re-varnishes them, and then paints in the missing portions of paint over the varnish. It was really interesting to go into the off-limits area of the museum. It always amazes me how much artwork sits locked up underground waiting to be restored, never getting the chance to be seen by the general public.

Today my wife and I went to the SLAM, because today is Friday and Friday is free day for special exhibits at the museum. The show that is there right now is An Orchestrated Vision: The Theater of Contemporary Photography. It is a lovely collection of staged photographs. I encourage everyone to go and see the show, but I suggest waiting until next Friday when it will be free again!

For more information on the St. Louis Art Museum, or to check out the collections, you can visit their website:

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