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Why Fontbonne!?!

by Alumni Posts on February 13, 2012

in College Life,New & Future Students

Picking a college is never an easy choice. You can decide by the area it’s in, the curriculum it has, or you can even decide on a college by it’s school colors! Seriously, I have heard of people who picked a college based on the school colors. Websites even exist that tell you which college is the most like Hogwarts! I did not pick Fontbonne because my favorite color is purple, and, despite my love of Harry Potter, I did not use Hogwarts as part of my searches. Fontbonne, to me, was a very open, friendly place right from the start. I immediately felt already part of the Fontbonne community. Also, Fontbonne’s education program really appealed to my major, which is Special Education, if anyone would like to know. Plus, being from a small school, Fontbonne’s close-knit campus wouldn’t be as overwhelming as, say, Mizzou. Fontbonne is right by the Loop, which has plenty of fun places to go to, like Bubble Tea, Fritz’s, or Cheeseology. I like being able to say “Hi” to anyone and everyone. Fontbonne provides plenty of activities that help anyone who is shy meet new people in a fun, carefree atmosphere. One big thing that peaked my interest were all the ways that Fontbonne helps the ENVIRONMENT! They have paper recycling, recycling for plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Fontbonne also has something called Terracycling, which is anything from ink cartiridges to chip bags to makeup and tooth care products. I love doing anything I can to help the earth, and Fontbonne makes it easy to do just that. Overall, I probably just said “Fontbonne” a good ten times, and I hope that conveys how much I enjoy being a Fontbonne student. So really, look no further if any of these qualities are what you are looking for. Fontbonne is always welcoming new people!

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