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Sometimes I Feel Like I Don’t Know the Deal.

by Alumni Posts on February 24, 2012

in Academics

It seems as though I’ve already broken my number-one resolution for the school year: not to procrastinate so much. Last weekend I snapped and decided I didn’t feel like doing homework every waking minute. So I didn’t. And so, because of this, I’m going to make this blog very brief. As in, one paragraph brief, as opposed to the recent ramblings I’ve been posting about organic chemistry and other such important topics. Yes, instead of going to bed early, which was the whole motivating factor behind me not procrastinating, will not be happening tonight, as I have a lot to do. So, as much as I’d like to relax after the disastrous lab I just completed, I have to finish working on an annotated bibliography instead.

*Big Sigh.*

Sorry, Courtney, the positive blogs officially end here (if you’re procrastinating and reading this.). Okay, I have an annotated bibliography calling my name! Hooray!

Have a lovely weekend!


P.S. Take, like, two minutes and fifty seconds more in your procrastinating and watch this video by Real Estate. If you like Labradoodles, breed Labradoodles, or are just curious as to what a Labradoodle is, click here to watch. You will not walk away disappointed.

“It’s Real” by Real Esate

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