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Fontbonne University

Favorite place? Hmm..

by Fontbonne University on February 29, 2012

in In Saint Louis

For this week’s prompt, the question asks about your favorite place in St. Louis or how/why St. Louis is a fun place. That’s a great question.

I have been to a few places, but there are a ton more to discover. Even though I was born here, I have not been to many of the popular areas. Do I have a favorite? Well, there’s too many to choose from! I think what I like about St. Louis is the convenience or such, but it’s also nice and small. I’ve visited Kansas City and Chicago once before. Both places are really nice, but Chicago has really crowded streets and neighborhoods, and prices are so high! I do love the beach there. Very beautiful. Kansas City isn’t so bad. It reminds me of St. Louis.

In St. Louis, I love Bubble Tea, the Chinese restaurants, Vietnamese restaurants, St. Louis Arch, St. Louis Art Museum, Forest Park is overall amazing (I still haven’t visited the other areas in the park), IHOP, St. Louis Galleria, and so much more. I know some of these places are in other cities, but I rarely go out of town. I think the prices here are pretty low compared to others. I also can’t say that St. Louis is the best, but there are things that people will love.

I do not know all of the great and fun places in St. Louis, but it shouldn’t stop people from exploring, right? Maybe I’ll get the chance to visit most of the hot spots during my time.

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