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Alumni Posts

What College Has to Offer

by Alumni Posts on February 24, 2012

in Extracurricular

There may come a time when I ask myself, “Why am I here?” Not here on Earth specifically, but here at Fontbonne University. The answer to that question is simple. The answer is because I value a college education, but what is the value in college education?

The education that I am able to receive here at FBU is of a far greater quality than I believe I could receive elsewhere. Small classes, a helpful faculty, and a sufficient learning environment allow me to receive the type of education not seen in typical educational institutions. It is for that reason that I find value by being here at Fontbonne. This education is the next step in ensuring a successful future for myself.

Taking that next step to college is a whole new experience for me. There’s new people, new things to learn, a new place to call “home,” and an entirely new city to explore. Adjusting can be quite difficult, but the students and faculty here at FBU have made it really easy. Just this month, our floor is competing against each other in an “open door” contest. We receive stars daily (yes, like Kindergartners, but it’s fun to act like a five-year-old right?) for each time our RA sees our doors open for communication. This has provided a friendly competition for all of us on the floor to partake in, and I find myself talking and being more sociable with others. I have learned here that college isn’t just about learning and studying  (and maybe partying for those who have a wild side), but about embracing all that your college can offer you, which is more than just an education.

I look forward to continuing here at FBU, and winning that “open door” contest at the end of the month!

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