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Why I chose Fontbonne

by Alumni Posts on February 13, 2012

in Academics,College Life

I was working as a substitute at a neighboring high school. While there I met a true friend who was filled with resources. She was a retired Special School District teacher who was asked to become an Occupational Therapist. She would constantly say I should return to school to obtain my certification, to which I would constantly reply, I really don’t have time. I have a daughter graduating college, a daughter in 3rd grade, and a preschooler who keeps me busy. Plus I have responsibilities at my church as Assistant Treasurer and Assistant Youth Coordinator, and at the time I was the PTO president at the High School, Early Childhood Center, and I was PTO secretary at my middle daughter’s school. However, my new friend continued to say, you have a gift for working with children, as she constantly urged me to obtain my certification.

After her constant requests, I began researching various schools and teacher certification programs. When I met the Director of Graduate Programs in HES, I was excited and ready to begin. So in the Spring of 2009 I began, but unfortunately, I had to have surgery so I wasn’t able to complete the semester. Feeling discouraged and frustrated I met with the Director of Financial Aid who was another wonderful resource who gave me a lot of options. During the Summer of 2009, I changed majors and entered the Pathways program, and although I’ve had numerous problems and situations, thanks to my fabulous advisor, I’ve been able to continue, and I am so thankful that I chose Fontbonne.

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