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Why did I choose Fontbonne? Well that’s easy!

by Alumni Posts on February 7, 2012

in College Life

Fontbonne is perfect for me because it is a small, friendly campus. I have attended Catholic schools my whole life, and I figured that attending a Catholic college would be a great way to continue my education. The grade school and high school that I attended were both very small, so I knew that going to a big school like SLU would be very intimidating, and it would make me nervous. I felt right at home when I toured Fontbonne though, and it made me really excited to begin my college journey. I also love the fact that Fontbonne is extremely commuter friendly. Since I live about an hour away, I have to try to plan a schedule that fits my commuting lifestyle. Fontbonne has flexible hours that allow me to have no early morning classes or classes on Fridays! Also, I love the people at Fontbonne, and I do not regret choosing Fontbonne as my college (or not even applying to anywhere else… not recommended). I wish everyone luck on their college journey, whether you are in school or deciding where you want to go. Let your heart lead you, and you will make the decision that is best for you!

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