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Good morning, fellow Fontbonne community.

Today, I would like to spread word about two things: first, my contemporary moral issues class, along with our professor, Margaret Gilleo, are planning to start a youth committee to fight against human-trafficking. Second, there is a “Light for Life” event going on this Friday, February 10th, from 11am – 12pm in the Doerr Chapel. This event is an invitation from the Fontbonne Students for Life organization.

“Fontbonne Students for Life invites you to join us in prayer as we light candles for the unborn and their parents, birth mothers who have chosen life, and special intentions.”

Abortion is a huge issue, so I hope everyone can come!

Back to the other problem. Human-trafficking — in other words, prostitution — is becoming a world-wide situation. Young children, women, and even men are being trafficked from all over the world by pimps. The main places that these crimes are being committed are hotels. Our own city, St. Louis, is one of the top places for human-trafficking.

Two of our professors are going to work together to form the youth committee. We will probably hear from them pretty soon about what they’re going to do first. For now, I’m hoping that everyone will be on the look out for any news.

Please help us take action on this! We may be able to help end it. Thanks, everyone.

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