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Life in the Studio!

by Alumni Posts on January 31, 2012

in Academics,Campus Community

Hello everyone!

My name is Doug Weaver and this is my first blog post at Fontbonne.

This is my second semester at Fontbonne as a graduate student in painting and drawing. I live in an apartment in North County with my beautiful wife.

As I write this, I am sitting in my new studio space at the Options building in Brentwood. The graduate studios are one of the things that attracted me to Fontbonne. As an artist, it is important to me that I have my own space that I feel comfortable working in. I spend a lot of time in this room, in fact I spend more time in my studio than I do in class. It is the third week of the semester, and I am already working on 3 paintings (not for class). For an art student classes are where you learn valuable tools, the studio is where you really use them.

In addition to being a personal space to work in, the Fontbonne studios are extremely active. Very rarely do I come to the studios and find that I am the only one here. There is a sense of camaraderie among the artists that is difficult to find elsewhere. It comes from the fact that we all come here for the same purpose; art.  I can almost feel the creativity floating around in the space when I walk in the door. It is the sound of the saw when someone is cutting wood for a stretcher, or the scent of melted beeswax in a crock pot. It is seeing paintings in various stages of completion and watching them develop over time, or the random assortment of things that artists accumulate over time; glass bottles, old accordion doors, anything that has potential to be used for inspiration or in a piece itself. I really never know what I’m going to walk in and see.

Another reason having my own space here is important to me is because I need somewhere that I can come to think. This is the step of the art-making process that is often overlooked. Artists spend at least as much time thinking about what to paint than we do actually painting. So I need a place where I can think of ideas, read about various subjects and spending time developing those ideas into a work of art. This place is, for me, my studio space in Brentwood. It is a magical place where fleeting thoughts give way to concrete ideas, and those ideas become finished works of art!

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