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A Pocketful of Presents

by Alumni Posts on December 5, 2011

in Academics,Career Paths

A Pocketful of Presents

This semester is finally done for me! I submitted my final test last night from the comfort of my home in my jammies… that is one of the great benefits of the Pathways program and classes online. I also finished creating a Fontbonne lesson plan this week and creating a reading plan for a student for another class. It is a gift in itself to have everything completed by this weekend.

When I think in terms of presents or gifts this Christmas season, I certainly can say that I have already received some, and it is not even my birthday or Christmas. So, with the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas humming in my head here is my list of 12 great gifts that Fontbonne has given to me :

The first would be the long awaited answer to a prayer that I was admitted into Fontbonne through the Pathways program.

The second gift would be Kathleen Schwarting, Andra Gwydir, and Carole Prince who have been patient with me as I went through the enrollment process. They have answered the questions that I have had periodically over the past year and a half. They have also been understanding and gracious to me with any concerns that I had, whether it be personal or with school.

The third gift would be the Campus Ministry at Fontbonne. One word for it- Outstanding. I am thankful for Sarah Boul, who sends out all those emails that keep me connected to prayer concerns for others and who has heard my prayer concerns as well.

The fourth gift would be the patience that I felt from Joesph Paitz who is my financial aid advisor. He has been kind to explain the process to me and help answer any of my questions.

The fifth gift is the Technology department. They have been there to answer my calls and look into my account so I have access to my classes online.

The sixth gift would be the professors that I’ve had. All of them have been able to answer my questions and clarify any problems that I’ve had within a class.

The seventh gift would be the professors that I have this semester, which has been hard on me in my personal life. My mom has been diagnosed with brain cancer and I have been trying to manage not only that, but my family and school. They have been understanding and encouraging.

The eighth gift would be that the professors are not only willing to answer my emails but have called me personally and walked me through things I need clarification about.

The ninth gift would be the ability this semester to juggle buying all my textbooks and still being able to pay our bills.

The tenth gift would be that the textbooks this semester came in on time for my classes and before assignments were due.

The eleventh gift is that I have been admitted into an honor society at Fontbonne. I am so honored that I was considered to be a part of the society. It gives me the ambition to keep going in my classes even when the concepts are hard or things are rough in my personal life.

The twelfth gift will come in a year or so when I graduate. But the idea of graduating and being able to teach is near and dear to my heart. I feel like it is more than just a dream or prayer — it is going to be a reality.

For all these gifts I am so thankful to Fontbonne for. While working my through the Pathways program I have discovered that I am smart enough, capable enough and can make it through to receive the ultimate gift, a college degree in education.

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