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Where are you Christmas?!

by Alumni Posts on December 5, 2011

in Extracurricular

Every year I look forward to Christmas. Why wouldn’t I?! It’s the best time of the year!

But this year I am looking forward to it so much more! With my new job I have more money to “spare” and can afford to get my 3 siblings and my parents better presents than ever! For the first time ever this year, I actually waited in a line… outside… in the cold… for a Black Friday sale. Crazy right?! I agree. But my best friend, Katie, and I waited outside of Target for two hours Thanksgiving night before they opened at midnight. My goal was to get my mom a Kindle. Thank goodness this was a success or else I am sure Katie would have been a bit peeved she sat out in the cold with me. I am very glad I got her that because she deserves to get a nice gift for everything she does for us. She loves to read and has wanted one ever since they first came out, but with 3 children in college and bills to pay, she is not usually concerned with buying things for herself. I also got my godson a Cars pillow pet, and slippers 🙂 I am very excited to give him those!

As for my siblings: My oldest brother (24 years old) is a pain in the butt to shop for because he has a good paying full time job so he buys himself everything already, so I am still coming up with ideas for him. For my second older brother (23 years old), I got some World Series memorabilia that I think he will like. Third is my older sister (21, 22 in January), and I ordered her her first pair of TOMs shoes. I have two pairs and she loves to steal them, but she has rent to pay, so shoes are not on her shopping list, so I am glad to buy her a pair of those… especially since the pair I got her have a small mustache on them because we love to say “I mustache you a question, but I shall shave it for later” or “I mustache you a question, but eyebrows Goggle for the answer.” Last year in my ceramics class, I made her a mug that had a mustache on it so that when she drinks out of it it looks like she has one. We are pretty odd at times, but I love it!

So that leaves my Dad. He is the most difficult person to shop for because he never wants anything… except “4 good children” I told him that was a success in 1992 when I was born, and he needs to get a new idea, but he never wants us to buy him anything!

So I have him and my brother to shop for… worse comes to worst, I get them both gift cards to Home Depot or something manly like that.

Moral of this story: Christmas is about the giving, not the receiving, and I am very glad that I have the opportunity to give this year! My family also adopted a family this year, I always love giving to those who need it most this time of year. I thought that going into college I would have less money to spend on Christmas gifts, but I got lucky a new frozen yogurt shop, Orange Leaf, opened right up the street from campus. I am looking forward to the month long break Fontbonne gives us; it is a well deserved break and will make me very excited to return for the second semester!

Good luck to everyone on finals, and I hope everyone’s Christmas is as good as mine is shaping up to be!

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