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I Think I Saw You There…I Think I Saw You There

by Alumni Posts on November 9, 2011

in Academics

Finally. I can breathe a gigantic sigh of relief, because I have survived The Worst Week Ever. What did The Worst Week Ever consist of? I’m glad you asked:

  1. A Massive Anatomy Test over the nervous system. The test wasn’t bad at all, but I did have a massive hand cramp from writing so much on the essay questions. I guess I shouldn’t be complaining of hand cramps, though, considering how much fellow blogger Courtney wrote for her essays. If I had a cramp, I bet she lost all feeling in her hand. Seriously now.
  2. The Second Organic Exam was on Thursday, the day after the Massive Anatomy Test. Luckily, I finished the test this time, unlike last time. Now we’re getting into more difficult material, such as how unicorns and dragons are resonance contributors for a rhinoceros. Oh the things I learn in organic.
  3. A food science test, followed by a big food science presentation that my partner and I have been working on for a good part of the semester. While I do enjoy public speaking, I have a bad feeling that I had one too many awkward pauses as I was presenting. Those are the worst!

Anyway, I’m just glad I survived. Now I’m using this time to blog and listen to music when I know I should really be doing homework. The fun never ends, does it?

Good luck picking your classes this week…and whatever you do, don’t bite off more than you can chew, or every week will be the Worst Week Ever!


P.S. OH MY GOSH. Do yourself a favor and go buy M83’s “very, very, very epic” album, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. Best. CD. EVER!

Midnight City” by M83

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