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Short and Sweet

by Alumni Posts on November 7, 2011

in Academics,Campus Community

I’ve written crazy-long blogs lately, so this week, I’m taking it easy.  (Did you really just let out a sigh of relief?  C’mon…)

Anyway, Andrew’s latest post reminded me of my own experience with my professors, and I had an interesting encounter the other day that gives a nice example of how professors really do get to know their students.  I should set this up by telling you that my academic advisor and I are on really good terms – I’ve been in 2 of her classes, and we always say hi to each other and have little conversations when we see each other in the halls.  So, during one of these chats, she said, “You seem happier this year than last year.  Have you found a good balance with things now?”

(Granted, it’s not like I was super down last year, but the transition to college was  – and still is sometimes – very rough for me. I was not a happy camper last year, mostly because I missed my friends from high school.)

I answered her question, and we talked some more, and after we parted, it struck me that the fact that she’s so in tune with how her students and advisees are doing is really incredible when you consider how remote the relationship has the potential to be.

In fact, it makes me glad I go to Fontbonne.

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