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Holy Smokes!

by Alumni Posts on November 14, 2011

in Academics

Can you believe it’s November all ready?

I’d like to deny this and refuse to recognize any calendar days after October 31 because it means I have a ton of papers due in the 2nd week of November, but…I’m kind of ready for the semester to be over and getting through this month is just part of the deal.  I’m figuring if I can do the papers (one honkin’-big one for History, one for Intro to Religious Studies, and a Math paper), then I’m basically done with the semester, because all that will be left is the ol’ learn-stuff-then-have-a-test-on-it routine, which I can handle.

If you’re feeling overburdened by school like me, hang in there!  Just think – it’s almost Thanksgiving, and once it’s Thanksgiving, the semester’s pretty much  over!

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