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Fourth Time’s A Charm???

by Alumni Posts on November 17, 2011

in Academics

For those of you who’ve followed my blogs since my first weeks at Fontbonne, you’ll remember that registration and I aren’t very good friends. For some reason, I’ve always encountered problems with my registration.  In the past, some of the classes that I had signed up for were cancelled. (But don’t worry – I was able to take those classes at other institutions if necessary.)  Other times, the registration website said that I “had not met the prerequisites” for certain classes despite the fact that either a) I had or b) I had retrieved the proper signatures saying that I could take the classes.  Whenever this happened, I practically flew around Fontbonne’s halls, trying to find my professors in order to get their signatures in a timely manner.

Registration has proved to be a really big problem for me.  However, I just registered yesterday for my Spring 2012 semester classes, and I don’t think that there were very many glitches.  The slight glitches that I did have (supposedly needing prerequisites for two classes and – this one’s embarrassing – having no computer because I forgot to charge my netbook the night before) were easily taken care of because I had already obtained the signatures and because my friend, Darryn, came to my rescue with his laptop.

All in all, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that nothing went wrong with my registration.  It looks good so far, but after all the trouble I’ve previously encountered, can I really believe that the fourth time’s a charm???

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