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The Weather Still Looks Fair to Me!

by Alumni Posts on October 21, 2011

in In Saint Louis

Lately it seems that I’ve been hearing an awful lot of baseball talk around Fontbonne. Come to think of it, I’ve also been seeing a lot of red. A lot of CARDINAL red. Yes, it seems that ever since the Cards clinched the Wild Card, everyone has jumped on the fair-weather-fan bandwagon.

Wait, don’t get me wrong. I’m not hatin’. Heck, I’m right there on the bandwagon, too. See, even though I was born and raised here in St. Louis, I’ve never considered myself a die-hard Cardinals (or Rams or Blues) fanatic. I don’t think I even watched a baseball game all summer. But hey, this is still my hometown, and if we’re in the World Series, then why shouldn’t I be excited? I busted out all my Cards gear – including my National League Champions shirt from 2006! Which, um, I last wore in 2006.

But anyway, I’m super pumped about the Cardinals, along with everyone else in St. Louis. But what’s really nice to me are all the people rooting for the Birds who aren’t from St. Louis. I’m seeing that a lot more now that I’m in college, and I think it’s just super. Because whether you’re originally from here or not, ST. LOUIS IS IN THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!! So, again, why not be excited?!?!

…Just don’t expect to see me at a baseball game next June.

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