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The Switch to Happiness

by Alumni Posts on October 21, 2011

in Academics,Athletics

Fontbonne has been my best decision in my academic career. I previously went to University Missouri St. Louis for a year and a half, and then came back home to Springfield, Illinois and enrolled in a semester at Lincoln Land Community Center. Transferring is not the easiest of things to when you are super frustrated and stressed. I left UMSL because I had a horrible experience with my basketball coach and team. Coach Wickenhauser, the women’s basketball coach here at Fontbonne, just so happened to volunteer some time as an assistance coach at UMSL. We became close friends and kept in touch throughout the years. He knew my spirits were down, so he wrote me a letter which told me all about what Fontbonne had to offer. “I know in my heart that FBU is a place where you can learn and blossom into the young woman you aspire to be.” After I read that I saved the date to come visit.
I made the two hour trip down south and spent the day in Clayton to take a look at the campus and to meet with the advisors. Coming from a big campus where you are known by your ID number, to this smaller, homier, atmosphere is just what I wanted. It was absolutely beautiful when I walked into Ryan Hall. I love the dorms here because you can get anywhere in five minutes and your neighbors soon become your family. The faculty, staff and students are so nice to be around as well. Every corner I turn I am greeted with a smile or hug. College is supposed to be filled with good times, late nights, Ryan food, and lots and lots of pictures. I’m not just learning for the sake of getting it done and out of the way like I was at UMSL. I am enjoying every minute of it, while learning and loving basketball life at well. I have my own family here with my basketball friends, and I am happy to say Fontbonne is where I call home now.

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